From next season 2017 years we would like to offer you an extension of our offer accommodation for the trip fully equipped sailing yacht “Jeannuea Love Love” in the surroundings of the Szczecin Lagoon and the Reverse Delta River Świny that will provide an unforgettable experience and enable knowledge of Swinoujscie, as a land of 44 islands from the water . We developed tourist route specifically for you includes sailing on the most charming corners of the Szczecin Lagoon, stop for a meal at one of the 44 islands, as well as visiting two slots populated by Eagle Bielik, in honor of whom are named our holiday :). At the special request of our guests who decide to buy a boat, we can modify the route of the expedition to sail and berth eg. In the nearby village Wapnica near Międzyzdroje, where the observation deck and Turquoise Lake or swim where only allow us to do so 🙂 navigation conditions.
An additional attraction is the possibility to use the sails of the yacht and its control during an expedition under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor licensed Skipper-going. We would also like to mention that certainly it will be for you an amazing attraction, which for a long time you will be telling your friends after returning from the holidays :)!The price includes:
– Instructor with the privileges
– Fuel to the engine
– Permission for departing from the marina of LUNs
– Opportunity to test their skills in the role of captain 🙂

  • The maximum number of people on board – 4 persons.
  • Estimated voyage from tender, about 3 hours.
  • The tour – 11.6 nautical mile – time trips – about 3 hours.


Sail from the marina in Łunowie


of the lake Wicko big


our boat


We are guided between the island (belonging to the Wolin National Park) on the channel Jolly trench .



On passing the islands we pass various birds (the trip are at least 3 nesting bald eagles)



then influence the Old Swina



, head towards Przytor – the way we can observe the following birds


and cattle grazing on the islands.


We turn in the direction of Lubin and cliffs, along the way passing the next nesting bald eagles and sail


Szczecin Lagoon to watch the cliff on the Lagoon in full glory (13).


Then we return to the Big Wicko and sailing along the shore we pass Lubiń and Wapnica



Then back along the shore to dock.

Option – stop in Wapnica and a trip to the lake Turquoise


, possibly in fish fry at Fisherman. In this case, until you have added tour 1.5 hours.